• "I received CBT therapy from Amanda for my fear of heights. I was not aware just how much my fear had affected my life until I started the course of treatment. I was unable to even stand on a chair let alone use something like a glass lift. Now thanks to the patience and expertise of Amanda I have found a new lease of life; I can use glass lifts, escalators, sit on a balcony 13 stories high and even travel up and down a mountain in a cable car. All of this would have been impossible before my treatment. I would not hesitate in recommending Amanda to anyone who has a problem which is affecting their everyday life. The difference CBT therapy has had on me has been amazing. Thank you Amanda."
    Female 51 Stubbington (22.8.15)
  • "To Amanda, thank you.  I feel as though I am coming back to life!  Our sessions have helped so much to step back from some of my painful thoughts and feelings and start to see myself in a fairer light.  It has felt as though there was someone really 'on my side' throughout.  Thank you again." (21.3.16)
  • "Amanda has helped me to understand that all emotions - good and bad - are better accepted than avoided.  I used to find myself overwhelmed when life didn't go to plan or follow my 'rules'.  We worked together to identify strategies for enabling me to accept challenging/difficult emotions, as well as helping me to understand the benefits of experiencing them.  I also used the sessions to break down and reassess some rules I had been following for many years.  Amanda is reassuring, sympathetic and put together a treatment plan that worked for me.  Therapy has had a profound impact on my life".  Female, 32, Gosport (21.4.17)
  • "For most of my adult life I had experienced a number of issues, primarily based around my relationship with my wife but also in my personal life.  I was aware of the issues but could never seem to get to the bottom of them or improve my relationship and general well being. Although I was probably slightly nervous of the idea of ‘therapy’, I always thought something like CBT could work for me; we are very aware of how to look after our physical health, this is merely giving your mind the same attention.  Eventually I got round to contacting Amanda and I shouldn’t have been nervous at all. In short, Amanda did a great job, always reassuring and insightful, she enabled me to get to the bottom of the issues and then move forward with a different outlook; the result has been a much more harmonious and happier existence and this change should not be underestimated.  I needed someone to guide me in the right direction and CBT with Amanda gave me that".  Male, 43 (12.1.18)
  • "Amanda was extremely helpful in tackling my OCD problems I was facing. After the initial diagnosis, we worked through a structured program with various forms of treatment, and I finished being in a much better place than I started. Before seeing Amanda, I was at rock bottom, and with her understanding of what I was going through, professional knowledge of the subject and compassionate manner throughout the process, I started to get my life back on track. I would highly recommend Amanda's therapy to anyone experiencing OCD problems". Male, 25 (27.5.18)
  • "Dealing with Emetophobia".  "Amanda immediately put me at my ease on my first consultation with her.  She understood my phobia and my reluctance to even mention the words "sick" or "vomit".  Very, very gently each week she moved at a pace she knew I could deal with, along, for me, a very uncomfortable path.  Her constant reassurance gave me confidence that I could learn to cope with a problem, which I have had since an infant at school!  I would have no hesitation in recommending Amanda to anyone with a phobia, depression or anxiety disorders".  Female, 70+ (25.7.18)
  • "I started CBT therapy with Amanda to help with what I thought was anxiety related to my work, making me depressed and having suicidal thoughts. However, from the first few sessions it was clear that my real issues were seated much deeper due to my constant need to strive for perfectionism and my incredibly low self esteem.  Amanda was wonderful she put me at ease straight away and I was able to open up fully for the first time. The techniques she used helped me to rationalise my thought processes and question not only the immediate incorrect thinking I was making, but as the sessions continued to also re-evaluate and change the unhelpful ‘rules’ I was living my life by.  I still use these techniques now, along with meditation and I can’t thank Amanda enough for helping me find my confidence again, along with getting enjoyment in everyday things again, and more importantly for giving me back my life". (9.5.19) 
  • "Amanda has been invaluable in helping me to understand and deal with recurring bouts of depression.  With her support, I was able to recover from an ongoing episode; more importantly, she has equipped me with the understanding and tools to avoid and better manage any future recurrence.  My decision to try therapy was difficult, but Amanda immediately put me at ease.  She clearly described the process and checked on my understanding and comfort with our progress throughout.  Amanda is professional, but also extremely compassionate and I felt able to talk about and explore some very deep rooted feelings.  With Amanda’s guidance, I have become able to recognise how these have affected my daily life, and how to modify the way I feel about and react to events in order to reduce their negative impact on me.  I now feel equipped to face and manage future challenges and in a ‘much better place’ all around.  Amanda has made a real, and positive, difference to my life". (12.8.19)
  • Burn out "Thank you so much for helping me to feel better.  I have to confess to being a little sceptical at the start of things, that the therapy journey could really help me, but my mind has been literally changed on this and so many other things.  The Bible talks about being transformed by the renewal of our minds and I'm amazed at the way you've been able to help me change the way I think about myself.  Thank you for what you do, your compassion and skill are life changing and have been for me".  (29.11.19)